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How quickly are claims submitted?

Your claims are first reviewed & audited by our highly experienced medical billers preventing any billing errors before the initial submission. Submitted within 24-48 hours of receiving claims from your office.

Is Express Medical Billing Services HIPAA compliant?

Yes, EMB Services upholds the highest standards and complies with all HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

How do you charge for your services?

We charge on a percentage basis of total revenue collected. This gives us an incentive to obtain the maximum revenue due and do so in a timely manner.

Does Express Medical Billing Services provide credentialing for physicians?

Yes, matter of fact this area of service is our expertise. We help from start to finish and make sure you get your credentials while also negotiating the best fee scheduled rates for your practice.

Who does a patient call with billing questions?

Patient support is never compromised. All patients call our toll free number with any questions that they may have regarding their claims or statements. Questions are answered courteously, and every effort is made to expedite a settlement.

Is there any software or hardware to buy?

No, we do not require you to buy expensive software or hardware to handle your medical billing or practice management needs.

How do I get started with Express Medical Billing Services?

You can get started immediately by completing a short form, by calling us toll free at (833) 429-3742 or by emailing us at info@expressmedicalbillingservices.com providing your practice details.

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