Why Us

Medical Billing is much more than just submitting claims. Proper billing requires a detailed financial understanding of your specific practice and office processes. That’s why at Express Medical Billing Services, we take the time to get to know you and to understand the ins and outs of your practice. Once we have all the details, we remove the obstacles that result in a loss of income due to underpricing, missing charges, and uncollected claims. We go above and beyond to deliver the best outcome and don’t get paid unless you do!

We have a simple goal: to utilize our 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry to navigate the collection world. We collect revenue in a timely manner. Our superior efficiency is rooted in our use of the latest billing technology and the advanced skills of our staff. With Express Medical Billing on your team, you can rest assured of the highest accuracy, maximum efficiency, and the utmost Integrity for your back-office needs.

Message from Our Founder

When I entered the medical billing industry, I knew that I could make a huge contribution to physician support and patient care by incorporating the management, logistical, and business acumen ingrained in me over the years of experience within the industry. The idea for starting this company came from observing providers struggle to keep up with the constant changes in medical billing regulations, as well as the growing need for medical billers to work proactively with physicians to ensure that internal processes are efficient and compliant. The idea was both straightforward and critical for a medical office’s success: while our highly qualified physicians handled patient care, our team would assist on all the backend procedures related to billing eliminating any obstacles or delays in patient care and/or revenue collection. We use the most up to date practice management software to eliminate the myriad of causes for revenue delays. We also do our research and educate providers on current and efficient EHR/EMR software’s that may have recently become available. Each of these individual actions go back to our vision of making a difference in the quality of patient care so that a health crisis is not compounded by inefficient “paperwork” or a lack of clarity for patients. Equally important is our goal to ensure that each physician is fully compensated for his or her time and knowledge. We are proud to be on your team.

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